Craftsmen At Work 

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  • Levi, Joe and Trey on the Site

  • Skowyra Condo Renovation 2013

  • Levi Modeling Shingles

  • Trey Describing Bracket Details to a Client

  • Levi Discussing Atkinson Foundation with Mario

  • Tobin Polishing Concrete Countertops

  • Jon and Daniel at the Letteri Residence

  • Matt and Trey Working Antique Bracket Into Cabinets

  • Working Out a Chimney

  • Hand Polishing Salvaged Hardware

  • Stone Family

  • Working on the Ball/O'Neill Skylight

  • Levi's Crew

    Working Under the Mecklenberg Residence

  • Stripping a Roof

  • Cabinetmakers Matt and Melissa

  • Jon and Daniel Installing Gallery System

  • Levi Working on the Seward/Cleveland Restoration

  • Work at the Atkinson Residence

  • Levi and His Crew

  • True Craftsmen Demolition

  • Jon and Daniel at the Letteri Residence

  • Tile Setters Working on the Harrell Master Bathroom

  • Levi and His Crew

  • Framing the Harrells'

  • Installing Icynene Foam Insulation

  • Installing the Harrells' Fireplace

  • Jon and Daniel

    Roofing the Letteri Residence

  • Matt and Trey Working On Details

  • Levi Working on the Conrads' Fireplace

  • Discussing HVAC Requirements

  • Trey and Levi

    Discussing Construction Details on the Atkinson Residence

  • Building an Outdoor Stone Fireplace

    Bryant Residence

  • Tobin Working on Template for Concrete

  • On-Site Planning of Exterior Details

  • Levi's Crew

    Assembling Beams for the Atkinson Residence

  • Trey Blowing Insulation

    At Earle St.

  • Katherine Helping at Earle St.

  • Jon Working at the Letteri Residence

  • Levi Hard At Work

  • Tobin Installing a Concrete Shelf

    At the Ball/O'Neill Residence